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Mall for Africa


eCommerce / Retail


African Country

Mall for Africa is Nigerian based eCommerce solution which provides facility to customers in Nigeria & other African countries to purchase items from more than

200 US/UK stores and get delivery on their doorstep.

Mall for Africa is the leading global brand in the logistics industry. Their divisions offer an unrivalled portfolio of logistics services ranging from national and international parcel delivery, e-commerce shipping and fulfillment solutions, international express, road, air and ocean transport to industrial supply chain management.

Turnover $10 Million
Services in
  • Nigeria Nigeria
  • Kenya Kenya
  • Rwanda Rwanda
  • Tanzania Tanzania
  • Uganda Uganda

50 more countries across different continents.

My association with Hidden Brains is not just a customer-provider relationship. We are in fact partners. I believe Hidden Brains has equal contribution as mine to the African market through the Mall for Africa solution.Chris Founder & CEO, Mall for Africa

Business Goal

Mall for Africa is Africa's global e-commerce solution. It provides Africans a platform through which to purchase items directly from international online retailers - companies that, otherwise, would be inaccessible to the African population. The patented app, platform, and payment system give users access to hundreds of US and UK e-commerce retailers and more than 8.5 million products combined. Mall for Africa is passionate about moving the global digital infrastructure forward.

Pain Areas
  • Well-known US/UK brands are not willing to provide direct delivery to African and other emerging regions
  • Payment in foreign currency is a big challenge in emerging market
  • For individuals, Lot of paperwork required to import an item
  • Complexities and difficulty in various calculations
  • High fraud ratio
  • Different rules in each country
  • Third Party store dependencies
  • Difficulty in warehouse management
  • Lack of technology knowledge by order fullfilment staff
  • Not an easy way for customers to place orders
Hidden Brains Approach & Solution

Hidden Brains played a vital role in understanding and capturing the concept and nailed it by launching iOS & Android apps and Chrome application successfully, making it a hit in African countries because of it's user-friendliness and responsiveness.

With the Business Goal of expanding to other countries and partnership between MFA & DHL Express, Hidden Brains created and launched multiple eCommerce websites for regions like Latin America, Middle East, Russia & some of the Caribbean countries customizing to each of it's Import/Custom Laws on all 3 platforms, Chrome, Android & iOS.

  • Doc Success Intially we imported inventory from all stores but that was very challenging to import and keep upgrading
  • gg browser Developed browser extension and mobile native apps for easy user interface to fetch products from third-party stores to our cart directly
  • Bx bx store No technical support or changes required from any of the third party store. Everything is managed from our platform only
  • fluent earth Multiple payment gateways integrated which accepts payment in local and foreign currency
  • Carbon Security Fraud prevention measurements were implemented with multiple security layers
  • EOS Icons AI Implemented AI/ML APIs to fetch HS code and category of the product based on product name
  • Amazon Outlined Keep processing thousands of categories of Amazon store and keep updating the data
  • Clarity Data With huge data of more than millions of items ordered on platform and other calculations performed, system kept evolving and reached to near accuracy level
  • Fluent Earth Based on HS code data, system implements the restriction on product based on price, quantity, category etc as per rules of the country
  • Skar Icons Cart Developed Auto ordering process system to place the order as soon as customer places the order on the platform
  • MDI API Integrated many third party APIs for automizing the shipment process
  • Flow Chart Line Developed custom workflow for various operations for warehouse, finance, customer service and other operations
  • Galery Created multiple whitelabel solutions to reach to different markets
  • Carbon Infrastructure Classic Managed all infrastructure and servers for client
  • 20+

    payment gateways integrated

  • 500+

    Average orders processed daily

  • 4000+

    daily orders processing during festival season

  • $1M+

    Transactions processed monthly

  • 200+

    eCommerce stores integrated

  • 50+

    Countries Deliveries across different continents

  • 10+

    Years in business

  • 4+

    Warehouses for order processing

  • 8.5

    Million products to show

Technical Information
Front end
Prototype Tools
Template Engine
Back end
Programming Language

.Net based application to crawl product data from third party stores

Programming Framework
Mobile Application
Android Native App
iOS Native App

More than 30 third-parties integrated

Other Tech Info
Design Tools
Security Standards

OWASP, data validations, authentication, authorization, provisioning & reports, sensitive data encryption, Cryptography, exception management, interface access privilege

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