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DeliverAny is a bespoke logistics service platform for cargo
owners and logistics service companies.

It utilizes technology to help to manage your shipment and find logistics service
vendors of your choice. DeliverAny app provides you with a pool of logistics
service companies that you can choose from to enjoy safe and efficient delivery
on your goods.

  • 375 Cargo Owners
  • 253 Vehicles
  • 18 Routes
  • 256 Drivers
  • 2661 Trips
  • 253 Tonnes Delivered
Services in
Deliveryany AfricaNigeria

Abuja, Katsina, Lagos, Kano, Warri, Ibadan,
Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Kaduna

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Business Goal

DeliverAny was having a goal to scale it's digital strategy and find ways in order to have
better workflow, processes, cost down costs and improve efficiency throughout it's supply
chain. DeliverAny was looking for a logistics solution partner that could provide guidance
in terms of taking steps not only towards reducing the pain areas, but also towards digital
& business growth.

  • Deliveryany FormulaCumbersome
    Manual Processes
  • Deliveryany ClockScheduling
  • Deliveryany DataData inaccuracy &
  • Deliveryany SolutionProcesses unfit for
    ready solution
  • Deliveryany TrackingDifficulty in
  • Deliveryany OrderDifficulty in handling
    bulk orders
  • Deliveryany ProcessInefficient workflow
    & processes
  • Deliveryany CostHigh landing
Hidden Brains Approach

Since, the client had used multiple ready solutions, a structured problem-solving approach
was required to come up with a solution, considering the target of generating multiple
options for each problem area and selection of the right option that complements the

Recognition of the problem was the most important aspect. This was done through multiple meetings with business owners, cargo owners, logistics companies, customers, hauler companies.

After identification of the problem, it was important to get answer to questions like what caused the problem, how much and what impact it has on business, other possible ways the problem may impact the stakeholders.

Brainstorming and research was key to this step where a problem was broken down into small bits as opposed to problem as a whole. This helped us to identify the criticality and urgency of each areas.

This step helped us to see each problem in different ways, considering the impact it has on business. Various options for each identified problem areas were discussed based on the research and team collaboration.

This was the key step where decision making was done in terms of selecting the right problems to be solved, selecting the right options from solution standpoint. Business aspects and business impact was evaluated for selection.

Development & implementation was not only focused at solving the identified problems through the selection solution option, but also considering the solution to be future ready, scalable and secured.

Hidden Brains Solution
Solution Banner
  • Easy Payments

    Integrated wallet in-app
    to facilitate quick and easy

  • Recharge Wallet

    Easy recharge via phone
    banking, no need to give any
    extra details

  • Integrated Insurance

    In-app insurance facility to
    safeguard your cargo

  • Live Tracking

    Live tracking of goods to
    provide greater transparency
    and real-time updates of
    delivery status to cargo

  • Insure your order

    You have an option to
    protect you and your client's
    order when you insure them
    against loss.

  • Order Management

    Easily track and manage
    your orders from the mobile
    app or web portal

  • Asset Management

    Manage human resources
    and vehicular assets all from
    the app

  • Bid Management

    Full bidding portal to manage
    requests & accept bids for
    posted cargo deliveries

  • Verification Partner

    Simple on-boarding process
    to earn additional income by
    becoming verification
    partner and verify logistic
    company assets

  • Route Planning

    Save your money & time by
    route planning. It will also
    increase the effectiveness by
    organizing your orders along
    different routes.

  • 100%

    transparency with real-time data

  • 30%

    increase in productivity

  • 20%

    routes optimisations

  • 50%

    increase in customer satisfaction

I would like to deliver a special message to the greatest team of hiddenbrains. I want to thank for amazing work done on the deliver any project. I sincerely appreciate all your inputs and the efforts. All the things that you've put up for the past couple of months helped to make product very fast for phase-1 execution.


Abdul Aziz

Founder & CEO, Deliver Any

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