8 Benefits of Systems Integration

To anyone in the Information and Technology sector or any other sector, the benefits of a centralised network system are invaluable, especially in these times when businesses are just trying to recover from the pandemic. The demand for a 360 software system integration solution could not be any clearer.

According to recent statistics from Grandview Research, the global system integration market is valued at $327.70 billion as of 2021 last year. That is well over a 100 billion dollar rise from the market valuation of $234 billion as of 2015. Without a doubt, the system integration market is well on its way toward a bright future. In fact, with the numerous advantages that come with integrations, the global market is expected to hit $530 billion by the year 2025.

To say that the market is not profitable would be a gross understatement. However, beyond the profitability of this market, why are we talking about system integration today? Well, the answer lies in part, in the market valuation and also in the advantages of taking the integration way.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of  System integrations and what it does, the benefits of Hidden Brain’s System Integration for your business, and highlight the advantages of using a proper integration system for your business bottom line.

What is Systems Integration?

In simple terms, System Integration can be defined as connecting separate computer systems, networks, or software applications on an operational level to make a larger single system. This system will allow each solution or programme to function in unison, under a firm system handshake.

This process usually involves the creation of a complex information system. Depending on the needs, creating such may include:

  • Integrating new applications and systems to a new or existing one.
  • Designing and building a tailored architecture or application to replace a business operation.
  • Improving communications between packaged and custom software.

In most cases, these kinds of innovations are led by external contractors or vendors while being supervised by an in-house employee or executive. This is because it takes a lot of time to glean a specialised kind of knowledge for integration. And this is also a reason why there is no one-size-fits-all system integration solution. Instead, what any organisation needs to attain system integration is a team of professionals to inspect, suggest, and provide expert advice and services in their systems integration journey.

The ultimate purpose of system integration is to ensure that the individual units of systems run smoothly while still functioning as a whole and satisfying the purpose of the designed architecture and characteristics.

Simply put, there are scattered pieces of a business’s operations and data. Picture these pieces of data as puzzles that have managed to function independently. When pulled together in a single, cohesive and streamlined system frame, operations become smoother and easier to execute.

Increased efficiency in business processes and cost-effectiveness are a few of the advantages realised when business operations meet custom systems integration. Here are a few more benefits of using Hidden Brains Systems Integration.

Benefits of Systems Integration

Hidden Brains System Integrations solution offers so much value and it’s in three types; Point To Point Integration, Vertical Integration, and Horizontal Integration. With our team of professionals on board, say goodbye to redundant operations and high operations costs.

  • Automation & Streamlining
    Hidden Brains will help you streamline key business processes by automating repetitive with seamless integration capabilities tasks for optimum performance. By leveraging tools and applications to perform these recurring tasks, Hidden Brains automation allows you to designate your limited human resources to work on other tasks, thereby increasing your business process efficiency.

    Meanwhile, our streamlining is a process we employ to cut away redundancies that may arise as a result of the employed automation. Our team of experts will step in and identify processes that can be simplified, cutting out time-consuming and resources depleting tasks. Effectually, we improve the overall efficiency of your business operations.

  • Improved Efficiency & Productivity
    Hidden brains will help increase productivity for connected enterprise applications and processes. We aim to maximise your business output and efficiency while delivering sustainable value to your customers. By using tailored system integration, workflow automation becomes a possibility. What this means is that we eliminate unnecessary work processes, putting in only the required amount of effort and giving your clients precisely the experience they came for.
  • Seamless Administration
    Operate faster, smarter, and easier with the Hidden Brains administration system. Under one unified portal, we allow you to re-invigorate, deliver or implement the latest innovative products for your business. Because our systems integration brings multiple sub-components of your business processes together under one functional system, operational synergy can be achieved. By doing this, you can successfully preserve productivity and glean access to accurate data analysis like never before.
  • Better Analysis
    Enjoy deep insights into the quality assurance and testing process of your business through code review, analysis, and refactoring. Hidden Brains’ integrated system can help you collect and combine data to create resulting analytics reports all in record time. Because of the ever-increasing demand of clients, data volumes keep increasing, making it difficult to keep a close eye on the overall business performance. That is why Hidden Brains has developed a solution that can give you access to relevant data at all times while making it possible to perform multiple cross-checks to ensure that there are no inconsistencies with the retrieved data.
  • Visibility
    We provide you with greater visibility into processes within your business. Our integration experts provide support across your business enterprise by optimising the established process and easily mapping out better modes of operations. This also means that points of easier scalability become clearer and easily leverage-ready. Unique insight gleaned from this procedure can see business operations increase in operational efficiency with minimal costs of adoption.
  • Scalability
    Data is a relevant block in building full business systems integration. It is for this reason that company data is treasured and typically protected. Understandably, business growth is hard when the means of storage for this data is not expandable. This is why recent trends have seen more and more businesses opting for cloud storage. What this means is that not only is data storage now easily expandable. Integration and growth are now a possibility. Without the need for extra resources to manage these storage spaces, growth is both possible and scalable with actionable points of collaboration.
  • Improved Collaboration
    Collaborate easily with different teams and departments engaged in projects or shared responsibilities. Hidden brains will help your business by building a system that utilises team strengths and leverages software efficiency to foster improved communications. With most of your data easily accessible to all, assigned tasks are clearer with minimal occurrences of errors. Also, a more streamlined system is easier to onboard new teammates or even previously unrelated operation processes in a bid for business growth.
  • Data Integrity & Accuracy
    When your data is compiled and integrated into one functional system, the question of how secure the data is coming into play. Data can easily be corrupted, and this can play a very detrimental role for your business, shareholders, and even customers. Contrary to expectations, the level of difficulty for attackers to gain entry to an integrated system is very high. This is because the different subsystems within the integrated system all run different levels and types of security, effectively creating a network of security systems too. While the risk of incomplete or corrupted data being inputted into the system is a plausible threat, it can easily be isolated and quickly addressed as the level of visibility and single point of administration is of great advantage.


Whether you are adopting cloud storage to improve your scalability or employing the services of a Software as a Service solution  (SaaS) provider, the truth remains that system integration will help drive improved business outcomes.

Hidden Brains System Integration service provides 360-degree integration and operations improvement solutions. We understand (and hope that other organisations can see it too) that our solutions will enable businesses to access enterprise agility, ground-to-cloud & cloud-to-cloud integrations, and other business platforms in a unique and centralised business ecosystem. For us, it is all about what we can do for you and your business.

Our consultants cannot wait to hear from you. Reach out to Hidden Brains at [email protected] or +2348141261421.

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