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(Parent Company)
  • Construction Machinery
    & Equipment

  • listed in
    fortune 500

Caterpillar Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives.

  • $41.7 B

    Sales & Revenue
    in last year

  • 1.8 M

    Active Construction
    Machine Globally

  • 97 K


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Business Goal

Big machinery and equipments usually require support from backoffice, that took plenty of time and energy of Machinery provider company's support team. Hence a need of digitization came from management to provide effective support service for staff members.


Need of a technological partner who can assist us in our new startup with automation advancements.

Business Goal
Pain Areas
Pain Areas
  • More Manpower, Gain limited Outcome
  • Time consuming Processes - Diminish Productivity
  • Unnecessary downtime leaded to major Business loss
  • Customer's displeasure feedback on Troubleshooting Service
  • Extensive monthly billing of ready to use video solutions
  • Third-party dependencies
  • Technology limitations
Hidden Brains Approach
The background

Technicians of machinery support team yelled with the problem they were facing

Requested for direct one-to-one video call to connect with Users

Hidden Brains met Mr. Sam in our business trip in US, discussed current problems and shook hands for technological collaboration.

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Commenced by utilizing ready to use VIrtual Assistant system, costing huge per month per company (had around 20 companies)

Still require personalized reports and visualization, Hidden Brains solution architect understood the requirement and developed a wrapper top on ready solution

Resolved 50% of arised problems

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Innovation Smart Assist

In House custom product development has been initiated, understanding the futuristic vision of client.

Executed Product Development life cycle with - Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance.

Replaced readymade solution with own Virtual Assistant Product - named as Smart Assist

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Business Expansion

Investigate market competitors for similar kind of solutions and define to-be developed features into our product

Generated product roadmap and appended exceptional functionalities accordingly

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SAAS based Model

Identified other relevant industries seeking need of virtual assistant system for support/maintenance

Modified complete system architecture to support this solutions to various enterprise customers

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Hidden Brains Solution

In an era of bots and automation, Smart Assist helps brands ‘humanize’ the customer experience by using a real-time video chat platform that connects internal experts with users.

  • Handle the quick fix by seeing what they see and training virtually, which allows to support more customers.

  • All calls are on a cloud-based video calling systems. Enable customers to show the problem rather than telling.

  • Connect with multiple customer support and product support specialists when solving a customer issue.

  • Guide operators through troubleshooting and training from afar.

  • Conduct equipment inspections without having to leave the store.

  • Screen share documents and photos from device with agent

  • With the Smart Assist console, customer care representatives can easily send out text messages to instantly launch video calls with their clients.

  • Works on all devices, including iOS, Android, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more. No app is ever needed by the customer or support specialist.

  • Platform acts like a phone system, allowing multiple agents to be on simultaneous video calls at any given time.

  • Create own calling trees to route inbound calls to support specialists with particular skill sets. If a specialist is busy, setup call rolling for the next available support specialist.

Business Cases
  • Financial and insurance
  • Technical support
  • Product support
  • Warranty claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Remote inspections
  • Product sales
  • Customer Support
  • Field Technician Training
  • Tele-medicine and medical device support
  • Humanize the customer experience by
    connecting on a video call
  • Seamless Connectivity

    Easy-to use-technology! no additional hardware or software is required and works from any pc, smartphone or tablet.

  • Cost Savings

    Connect in less than five seconds and experience a 58 percent reduction in repeat truck rolls.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Know the problem before heading to the job site and be able to assign the appropriate resources to get it resolved.

  • 58%

    reduction in repeat truck rolls, helped to be efficient with staff and take operations to the next level.

  • 69%

    improvement in resolution: Since it’s a cloud-based platform,

  • 41%

    reduction in training time

  • 50%

    Companies are claiming 50% reduction in troubleshooting calls with customers when using Smart Assist.

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Technical Information
  • PHP, Python, NodeJS

  • HTML5, CSS3, JS


  • AWS

  • Photoshop


  • WebRTC, Augmented Reality (AR), Smart Glasses, Natural Language Processing,
    AI based Analysis

  • Direct connections and marketplace apps for Salesforce, Genesys, CDK Global, realwear, vuzix

Hey guys, thanks for all the great work you've done on getting Smart Assist launched. I can't explain to you how important you guys are to us and our business over here in the United States. I am really, really glad that you're our partners and want to send a big thank you. And I know you guys are working hard and you're there for us. and you know, you're doing a lot of good things with our software product, keep up the good work. Thanks so much.

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Sam | Founder & CEO,


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