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Security Services
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Taking the security services industry solution to the next level through fully integrated & adaptive solution to manage security systems


Security system services


ELMO is a Italy based global security solutions provider having 40 years of experience in designing, producing and supplying intrusion prevention, fire prevention, video surveillance and access control systems.

Over the years, the company has become the benchmark in residential, business and industrial areas, using cutting-edge technologies and a constantly evolving design and production know-how.

CCTV / Video
Business Goal

Design & maintain trusted solution & it's infrastructure which guards against business disruption. Evolve and operate efficiently while maintaining a secure, compliant environment together with common policy configurations and minimised configuration complexities.

Security solutions targeted for:

  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Offices
  • Commercial spaces

Pain Areas

The business was in need of a robust and secured solution, that fits into different industries and compatible with different platforms and systems.

  • Support for multiple types of hardware from different providers
  • Handling of huge data transfer and management
  • Common policy configurations
  • Making it upgradable and pluggable
HB Approach

Security solutions are key to any businesses. Since a solution was to be provided as a licensed product to multiple businesses, system was to handle multiple process at a time with Server – Client approach. To Provide a robust solution, proper planning was required.

The process-makers sat down together to decide the approach to be taken. A lot of discovery was planned, considering the solution to be provided should be simple, sustainable and flexible so all the panels can be managed from a single system.

The POC Phase

It was decided to start with 4 security panels considering business viability & technical feasibility. The main concern here was to check for the system to respond and provide an alert to the customer through single platform. These panels were made controllable through a single system.

A POC was created using these 4 panels, and the client was very happy with the POC as it was exactly consisting and reflecting the functionalities that they wanted.

  • 01 Discover

    Discovering and identifying the needs based on the business priorities. This includes on-site visit, business requirement gathering, stakeholder interview sessions to understand and establish proper environment.

  • 02 Solve

    Considering the understanding through discovery phase, provided solution to manage connectivity between Client and Server applications with Many to Many relationship and controllable through a single system.

  • 03 Simplify

    Once the business priority was solved, it was key to provided a simple solution inline with business priorities. A simple desktop application which was easy to Use, Install and Configure was designed for this purpose.

  • 04 Sustain

    Provided sustainable solution to handle more number of different type of hardware devices (Security Panels) with different types and companies. Implementation with more security panels to make them configurable using the same system.

  • 05 Flexible

    Detailed analysis of hardware, software platforms, and review of strength and weaknesses of the targeted businesses helped us to come up with flexible solution to make the product easy to configure, upgrade and plugable.

HB Solution
Global PRO - Server

Desktop application that was able to communicate and manage Database, multiple hardware including panels, Input devices (sensors), Output Devices (speakers, alarms), Video devices (DVR, CCTV) based on Licensed purchase / subscription by customers.

  • Manage window services schedule to manage Auto DataBase and Event backup.
  • Dynamic Database configuration.
  • Email configuration to send Logs.
  • Multiple clients can connects to One server.
Global PRO - Client

Desktop application that was able to communicate with multiple servers at a time.
This includes the following features

  • Scalable

    It is possible to add control units featuring an amount of zones suitable for the control type to carry out

  • Audit

    Global PRO tracks each action performed by the operator. Administrator can review, print and email it

  • Modular

    It allows flexible surveillance systems that can be re-configured locally or centrally. The enlargement of existing systems will be done by implementing new modules and necessary hardware components. A client-server system enables operators to easily add control posts, with great benefits for users

  • Event Management

    Global PRO provides unified way of displaying different types of events in different area called “Event queue“, “Service queue“. Also provides customized options to group same type of events together called “Event Box“ with customized color option for easily differentiate events

  • Flexible

    Control units and the supervision system both can be re-configured to fit new operation requirements. All operations are carried out mainly by accessing the system devices over LAN network as well as internet

  • Filter queue

    Sequences recorded on system can be filtered with search filters that allow simple and immediate operation and prepare editable email ready to be sent

  • Reports

    Global PRO provides fixed as well as 360 degree custom reporting functionality by which user can generate various reports, review, print and email it

  • Maps

    Global PRO provides Maps representation with zoom-in and zoom-out functionality without losing position of related sensor and update the status icon accordingly current status of sensor.

  • Summarized Information

    Global PRO provides summarising information, immediately available either directly or displayed in dedicated windows with current status, that also includes network and connections problems. For example Global PRO can reconnect to the network as soon as it is available again once disconnected on its own.

  • Zone arm/disarm schedule

    Global PRO provides unified way of set the schedule of zone and generate zone related events like unscheduled arm, unscheduled disarm, missing armed events etc. By this way operator can give extra attention when these type of important events have arrived

  • Alarm Management

    Operator can easily manage the alarm by displaying the procedure document for that particular alarm and can also generate the report document and send an email to the concerned person

  • Contact schedule

    Global PRO provides facility to set the schedule of contacts. By doing this the schedule operator can communicate only with those contacts which are currently available

  • Access level

    Global PRO provides facility to assign different access level to the operator by which the operator can be restricted to perform specific operation and display the restricted area

  • Video surveillance

    Global PRO provides facility to configure DVR and CCTV to view the live and alarm View. Particular CCTV objects can also be mapped to the Intrusion sensor or Fire detector to view the recorded video from CCTV for the time when mapped detector comes in alarm

  • Security

    Data encryption and compression implemented before transmitted to the network

  • 100+ Global brands

    Global brands
    using the solution

  • 1000+ Panels configured


  • 100% Secured


  • 10+ Years of Journey

    Years of Journey
    with Hidden Brains

Technical Information
  • Back End


  • Front End


  • Database


  • Queue Management

    DB Table AS Queue

  • Integrations

    Hardware Panel Driver, DVR device, CCTV

  • Diagraming Tools

    MS Visio

  • Other


  • Security & Quality Standards

    Data Validations, Authentication, Authorization(Role based access), Sensitive data encryption, Exception and Log Management

One of the end client has 117 malls in Italy and they have implemented our product to keep the check on the security of all the malls and is very much satisfied with its working. They can monitor all the hardware of all the malls from a single system. Thanks to Hidden Brains for providing a single and robust product which can manage this much functionalities under one roof.

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