5 reasons your organisation needs an attendance management system

Every business looking to succeed needs an Attendance Management System.

It is impossible to run a business without employees who help keep the business operation wheels running. In fact, a business that does not realise this within the first few months of operation is likely to lose steam and run out before it has a chance to take off.

However, note that recruiting quality of employees is also as important as the recruitment process, as this can affect the growth and resultant competitiveness of a business. Employees, especially good ones, are the pillars of strength upon which a profitable organisation is built.

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Organisations without a proper way to monitor employees’ attendance face compliance problems, payroll errors, and in some extreme cases, fraud, such as ghost workers. However, beyond that, any organisation that truly wishes to reap the advantages of a structured business setting cannot do so without certain things being in place, one of which is an attendance management system.

With the world slowly recovering from the effects of the year 2020 pandemic, organisations have started paying particular attention to the finer details of business operations. In particular, they are now focusing on the relevance of employee attendance vis-a-vis their presence and its impact on work productivity. While there are many arguments against and for employees’ physical presence in the office, there is no doubt that human presence is required for businesses to remain productive.

One way to ensure and monitor employees’ presence, whether freelancers, vendors, temporary staff, part-time or full-time, is to leverage an Attendance Management System (AMS).

In this article, we will break down all you need to know about Attendance Management systems (AMS) and why your organisation should consider getting one.

After this article, you should understand:

  • What an Attendance Management System is.
  • Reasons you should consider getting an Attendance Management System.
  • Types of Attendance Management Systems.

So, what exactly is an Attendance Management System?

Attendance Management System refers to the process of monitoring alongside record keeping of an organisation’s employee presence. With the aid of specially designed devices, these procedures can be done digitally or, in some cases, manually.

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You use this system to document your employees’ time at work and when they take time off. This allows you to calculate employee work hours accurately, and it’s especially beneficial when you run a ‘by the hour’ payment system.

Here are 5 reasons your organisation needs an Attendance Management System:

  • Increased Operational Effectiveness

One operational bane business leaders experience is finding ways to improve their operational efficiency. When an employee is absent from work, this leads to communication and coordination problems, increased delays and higher occurrences of ‘work-in-progress’ situations. Now picture this situation multiplied by the number of your employees. The employees’ absence would lead to a drop in productivity that affects not only them but the team’s productivity and the company’s bottom line.

  • Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking refers to the ability to get data/information exactly as it is received. In this case, you would be able to get the attendance log as it is being stored. This is also good as you are up-to-date on where your employees are and for how long. You also leverage this feature as an easier and cost-effective tracking of employee overtime. Especially for multi-shift modelled businesses, it can be a mind-numbing endeavour for HR personnel of enterprises to track the employees’ overtime.

  • Improved Workplace Culture and Regulatory Compliance

Building a healthy workplace culture does not revolve around obvious policies alone. Some policies, as simple as safety assurance of your employees’ data, can go a long way in building a safe space that employees can trust. Another benefit is that you create a sense of responsibility that leaves your employees more likely to follow organisational compliance policies. Right down to the payroll process, every business operation is met. Say goodbye to money loss, and pay the employees who put in the work for this effort. Enjoy all these and more with the simple addition of a management system they can trust.

  • Seamless Workflow Management

One of the biggest advantages you get is increased ease when managing the workflow, leave requests, and any other time-factored requests. With a proper Attendance Management System, enterprises can now have a clear view of the business operation’s workflow with minimal communication. The added advantage for HR personnel is that time-consuming business activities such as tracking shifts can now be skipped with a few simple clicks. Let us not forget the added function of visitor management and the Geofencing feature that alerts you when visitors or even employees are outside designated zones. Like with Hidden Brains’ innovative Visitors Management System, business operations have never been so easy.

  • Reliable and Accessible Data

A digital Attendance Management System grants its admin centralised access to the data that is both secure and available 24/7 on the AMS cloud server. The centralised attendance system will always give accurate data as you have eliminated the chance of error introduced by human interaction. This also ensures that there is no occurrence of time fraud and that every employee present or absent is accurately captured. You save money and time with a proper Attendance Management System like Hidden Brains’.

These are a few reasons  every organisation should get an Attendance Management System. Now that we have established why your enterprise needs an AMS, how then do you pick the right type for your organisational needs? Well, these management systems are easily Integratable with customisable features to suit every business type – this is one of the many advantages of using an AMS.

Types of Attendance Management Systems

As we have established, Attendance Management Systems are used to track employees’ presence or absence. Beyond that, however, there is so much more that these systems do. They vary according to the needs and the input mode.

In fact, recent times have seen several HR and payroll software solutions come pre-equipped with attendance management capabilities. The more the Attendance Management System can achieve, the better for the enterprise.

Because we are in a digital age, it is most advisable for your business to go digital on its attendance management. Throw out the clunky, prone-to-destruction files and ‘Sign in’ registers in favour of these devices that can just as well do the same.

Here is a quick outline of the types of Attendance Management Systems:

  1. Biometric Attendance Software: This attendance system verifies employees’ entry and exit by capturing their current Biodata and comparing them with those previously saved on the machine. A typical biometric stored is the fingerprint and, sometimes, a palm print. In unique situations, you may see retinas and voice samples being stored, and used as access for entry.


  1. Break-time Tracking Software: With this software, HR personnel can closely measure and zero in on practical time-wasting aspects of an employee’s day. The break-Time Tracking software not only tracks the time spent on breaks but every other time you are away from active work. For productive-obsessed companies, this software makes monitoring employees a lot easier with minimal paperwork to handle. It is digital, and every action of the employees can easily be accessed.


  1. Online Attendance Management Software: This timekeeping system which gained steam towards the beginning of the Covid pandemic, offers web login facilities. Its functions are heavily based on cloud technology, wherein one’s attendance can be performed virtually from any location with internet access. This Attendance Management System is preferable for organisations running a hybrid or remote-first job.

Many business enterprises use timekeeping systems to keep track of the time their employees clock in at work. It is a simple yet effective way to measure how much effort their employees put into meeting their responsibilities.

Especially in a digital age where almost everything you can think of is digitalised, it won’t be easy to find a reason not to acquire an easy and adaptable Attendance Management System that suit your organisational needs. Simply put, as your business grows, the need for an efficient system to manage employee attendance becomes increasingly obvious.

At this point, it is not a question of whether you need an Attendance Management System but whether you have the right Attendance Management System for your organisation.

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