All you need to know about Enterprise Solutions

According to Wikipedia, enterprise software – also known as enterprise application software (EAS), are computer software used to satisfy an organisation’s needs instead of individual needs. Such organisations can vary from small to large enterprises and serve one or multiple markets.

The culmination of such software plays a role in a bigger part of business, referred to as an enterprise system. Enterprises, also called businesses, are small, medium or large organisations that comprise multiple functional areas.

Every activity a business engages in to keep it running and earning money or that occurs within a company daily to increase the value of the enterprise can be collectively referred to as business operations. The relevance of this business facet has led to a need to improve its process. This is where enterprise systems, specifically enterprise solutions come in.

So, what are enterprise solutions, why are they so important, and how can you find the right solution for your enterprise needs?

We answer all these and more below.

What are Enterprise Solutions?

An enterprise solution is a computer software application selected or designed specifically to meet the multifaceted needs of an organisation by integrating into the business operations while exchanging information from business process areas and their related databases.

In simpler terms, enterprise solutions are adaptable software custom-built or ready-made to integrate and improve specific business processes. They typically help eliminate redundant actions, improve mission-critical decision-making and provide managers with real-time operating information.

With the right enterprise solution, businesses can see an overall improvement in meeting customer needs, improved overhead cost savings and a general increase in positive business experience. Any business looking to keep up with the fast pace of growth in recent times cannot do so without enterprise solutions.

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With the accelerated pace of consumerism and globalisation, there is an immediate need for businesses looking to keep pace (and even lead). This means that finding a solution or series of solutions to their problem takes priority. From increased client wants (orders) to managing procurements and even handling the monotonous retail aspects, there comes a need for a solution to cover all these and more.

Do I Really Need Enterprise Solutions?

The short answer is yes; your business absolutely requires an enterprise solution or series of these to stay in the game. To operate efficiently, companies are looking towards technology, specifically enterprise systems, for a solution to meet their needs. You do not want your business caught wanting in enterprise solutions and the systems in which they function.

These systems are built with a series of enterprise solutions which serve as the building blocks for the complex, data-driven nexus points of operation management. These points function as the central command from where complex operations of the business are automated. They also help ensure reports- and decision-making is easier.

Here are some major reasons why you should consider enterprise solutions:

  • Data Stored in a Workable Format

Odd as it may sound, when you leverage enterprise-grade solutions, you also get access to data. This data can be stored and later analysed for deeper insight into customer preferences and overall business trends. Enterprises that take this seriously display a near-intuitive approach to meeting customer needs.

There is also the aspect of storing up customer order history, which makes for faster order completion. Such little yet relevant actions accumulate in an overall pleasant experience for customers and clients alike.

  • Automates Customer Service Processes

A well-tuned enterprise solution can link seamlessly with a system to facilitate faster service delivery operations. Now accurate and devoid of human error. Customer service processes can also be self-propelled with a series of pre-recorded commands. This provides a consistent experience for customers no matter the service or branch from which they receive this service. The time saved from this automation can thus be channelled into more complicated facets of the business and its operations.

  • Better Resource Management

With a proper enterprise solution, it becomes easier for enterprises to scale up or down their operations and accompanying expenses. This is because an enterprise solution integrated neatly into a system makes managing resources pumped into the business easier. Businesses can now control how much is used and in which manner.

  • Minimised Business Costs

Another reason to integrate enterprise solutions is the advantage of lower operating costs. Business leaders and managers have realised how much these solutions speed up business processes, thereby reducing the overhead costs incurred to push out a product or deliver a service. However, this affects not only fiscal aspects but the physical aspects in terms of ease for the employees to achieve their responsibilities.

  • Facilitates Adaptable IT Infrastructure

Enterprises that adopt enterprise-grade solutions can easily adopt and scale into a fully functioning IT infrastructure. Automation can now be implemented in multiple aspects of the business, making for a smoother business operation. The effects are further highlighted in the quality of work the company puts out, the ease employees enjoy, and the overall customer experience.


With the evolution of technology and the accompanying adaptability of Cloud Technology, it is no mistake to say that the future of business involves enterprise solutions. Businesses that come to terms and adapt are the only kind to get to the peak of business growth. By selecting the right enterprise solutions, they are already on the right track to business dominance.

How Do You Pick the Right Enterprise Solution for Your Business?

Increased productivity, business cost savings, and better customer experience, amongst many other benefits, can be achieved only with a proper enterprise solution.

So how do you hack this? Here are a few tips:

  • Recognise Your Business Goals and Align

You must understand that what matters is not the price of the enterprise solution but its effectiveness for your business. It is a smart business move to gain an actual return on an investment such as this. So before selecting an enterprise solution, consider the needs of your business and the effects that solution will bring.

  • Scalability and Security

In this fast-growing interconnected world, privacy and data security have become major interests. People are less likely to transact with an enterprise with inadequate data security. So before selecting a solution, you must confirm how much data it would require to function and how secure the data is.

Another essential point is to see how scalable the solution is in terms of how much third-party application software is compatible with it. All through this endeavour, security must not dip or be compromised. Hence why they go hand in hand.

  • Ask Relevant Questions

Would it require an IT department to manage? Is this a short- or long-term solution? How quickly can you see a turnaround for this solution?

These are relevant in deciding the feasibility of opting for an enterprise solution. You would want to ensure that your in-house resources match your intended endeavour. You should also note that this introspection is not only financial but technical and infrastructural.

  • Confirm the Service Provider’s Credibility

The years of experience and how the team delivers enterprise solutions can be found with a few keystrokes on the internet. Clients will surely publicise enterprise solutions businesses that left a lasting impact on them. This is why the comments section of such IT consultancy companies is a great place to get insight into how they deliver their services.

Final Take Away

In conclusion, enterprise solutions are the office and workforce support of the future. They are the conceptualised and realised endpoint of everything a business would need but in a software application. Business owners and managers have discovered that enterprise solutions have been developed to ensure cost and operational efficiency without compromising the style, location or technological needs.

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