How Artificial Intelligence transforms Businesses

Since its inception and integration in many fields, artificial intelligence has become a part of our daily lives. We encounter it in our workplaces, homes, and daily interactions. There are various technological implementations that ensure ease of movement, understanding, interactions, and other forms of activity unique to humans. Hence, we come in contact with AI in both simple and complex things.

AI technology, such as ‘Alexa’, is now used as a personal assistant, not just for difficult things but for basic human activities such as playing music, opening doors, shutting lights, and activating home security systems. So it wouldn’t be surprising if AI is used to do simpler things in the future.

AI plays a crucial role in the advancement of the world at large. Its application can be seen in various forms of technology, such as cyber security, IT, virtual assistance, CRM, machine learning, blockchain technology, and more.

Artificial Intelligence and Businesses

Businesses that seek a competitive advantage in the marketplace use artificial intelligence in all their functions. Successful businesses establish their virtual or digital presence, which is essential for growth and expansion. For instance, hospitals use AI technologies to store unlimited patient data as physical files are no longer reliable. Crucial information about patients could be stolen, damaged, or lost. Also, technology such as MRI machines and X-ray machines are used to scan patients’ bodies to detect internal health problems. Robots are now essential for various forms of physiotherapy, like ultrasounds and massages.

The recent global lockdown has shown the importance of businesses embracing Artificial intelligence technology to stay in touch with their customers without any restrictions.

Artificial intelligence has enhanced customer experience through digital transformation services that automated systems. As a result, businesses can understand their customers better through these interactions.

Activities that are draining and challenging for humans can be made easy with Artificial intelligence. It delivers solutions to the problems many non-digitized businesses face, especially in customer satisfaction, market analysis, sales and marketing, and diverse business strategies to enhance growth. Business operations can be easily automated through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Here are some areas Artificial Intelligence has successfully transformed business operations and outcomes:

  • Customer Service: AI has improved customer service and relations through the use of chatbots to give answers to basic frequently asked questions about a business. It optimises digital conversations with customers in order to better understand their needs, develop and upgrade services, help to offer compatible services to customers, and access the right customers for the right product at the right season.
  • Verification of Identity and Documents: Verification of identity is a crucial obligation in any sector to prevent identity theft and fraud. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology to verify people’s identities and documents makes the process of identifying people more accurate and efficient. The conventional system was inefficient, inaccurate, slow, and tedious. It could take weeks for documents to be verified for essential purposes, especially finance. As a result, data could be easily misplaced, stolen, forged, counterfeited, or mistakes could occur.

    Governments have found AI technology important for registering citizens of a country for various economic and statistical purposes. AI does help to take the census of a population swiftly and accurately.

  • Finance: Artificial Intelligence has greatly transformed financial services over the globe. It helps to simplify some tough processes in the industry, making services easily accessible and improving customer satisfaction. It helps in virtual assistance, storage of data, and fraud detection. Financial services have been greatly improved over time, initiating a cashless society where debit and credit cards replace physical money. And this has brought ease in purchases online and even physically, as the POS mobile machine is used to initiate monetary transactions easily. AI has helped individuals save, manage, and take accurate control of their finances.

    The creation of chatbots, online payment gateways, and mobile banking has also assisted financial services, as people are able to make transactions through interactions with AI technology on their devices. It creates speed, ease, and accuracy, reducing financial fraud and attacks. In addition, artificial intelligence can analyse unlimited financial transactions and detect unusual activities. It also helps to weigh financial risks regarding loans and investments.

  • Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence has innovated and developed the healthcare system, making medical procedures easier and faster for practitioners. The diagnosis of illnesses is more accurate, eliminating life-threatening mistakes that have contributed to the death toll for years. There are AI technologies that are built to detect symptoms and anomalies in bodies, measure heart rate and blood pressure, restructure bones, massage muscles, and check genotype and blood groups.

    It is also used to record the medical history of patients for future reference and for safety purposes. Algorithms analyse these health records to prevent the reoccurrence of viruses and diseases that have been cured. Artificial Intelligence technology is used to perform some surgical operations (robotic assistance), scans, examine and monitor patients, develop medicines and vaccines, and more. The adoption of machine learning and software in the healthcare system has helped manage and save more lives than human efforts could.

  • Marketing and sales: AI helps analyse market trends, such as social media traffic and SEO. This helps businesses to adapt when market behaviour changes. They can stay on their toes and implement the latest technology to be at the top of the competitive market. Customers’ feelings about a product can change over time if there are better competitors, if quality service reduces or if they aren’t engaged with the product/business through advertising promotions.
  • Service delivery: Demand and supply issues have posed a great challenge to many businesses over time. Time-consuming measurements of demand patterns have proven inaccurate, as the supply chain barely matches up to it. Hence, AI technology helps businesses meet the demands of the market.
  • Social Media: AI technology detects fake news, nudity, hateful speeches, COVID-19 information, and other social media activities that are crucial or go against any media platform’s terms and conditions. It helps people all over the globe to have access to a form of virtual proximity — where distance is no longer a barrier, information is passed across in a second, connections are made with ease, and influence is formed.
  • Transportation System: The transportation system has been revolutionised since the inception of the Artificial Intelligence system. Modes of transportation, such as cars, trains, aeroplanes, helicopters, and ships, function with the aid of machines built in them. This makes them faster, safer, and more efficient than traditional means of transportation. AI is used for automatic traffic detection, traffic flow, and monitoring to make roads easily accessible and reduce traffic congestion. Smart vehicles such as self-driven cars are also developed with AI systems to ease driving.
  • Political: Artificial intelligence systems can analyse the skills, history, and ability of political candidates, to guide people to a better perspective on the right candidate to be voted for. AI has been adopted in the political sphere to carry out campaigns according to people’s preferences on record. It is also used for voting and counting votes during elections. Using artificial intelligence makes the vote-counting process accurate and swift, saving time and energy, and reducing manipulations, rigging, and mistakes.

    Certain governments, such as the Chinese government, banned some applications and platforms for the citizens in their jurisdiction and initiated the ones it can use to monitor their virtual activities for precautionary reasons. If rules or policies are broken, they can be easily detected, and the culprits can be found speedily. Criminal records are also filed and stored on online systems and software, as this also is sensitive information for societal safety.

  • Economic: The GDP per capita of a country is calculated with software. So as the unemployment rate, poverty rate, mortality rate, and the birth rate of a certain population. Software is also used to measure age groups, sex groups, tribal groups, and religious groups. It creates a predictive analysis of the economic state of a country and how problems can be solved to improve growth.

    Education: Academic learning processes have been made seamless, with more accuracy, through Artificial Intelligence technology. The coronavirus has made online learning platforms more popular than they ever were.

    Educators can draft curriculums, timetables, units, and materials to make their job even better than a physical classroom. Likewise, students can do their assignments and submit them, write exams and classwork, get grades, and interact online with their educators and classmates. Also, educators and students can easily access information for learning online via platforms such as Google, YouTube, and more.

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