Visitor Management System

Did you know that securing a visitor management system in your organisation ensures you have total control of your business activities?

It was during COVID-19 that it felt necessary to use this system in the workplace. The disease spread so fast that there was a need to introduce a specific method to curb the spread of the ailment the world was experiencing at that time. Organisations started using Visitor Management Systems (VMS) to manage visitors’ records efficiently rather than pen and paper.

What about the case of assisting the police and security personnel to investigate a criminal case? Of course, with visitors’ names, locations, fingerprints, and photos recorded, it would be a swift and easy task for the suspect to be caught.

Though the pandemic has waned, the need to install a technological tool like this cannot be over-emphasized. We’ll be exploring some of the reasons in this article. But first, understand that creating a comfortable work environment for your visitors and employees is crucial for your organisation’s growth, productivity, and efficiency.

Here is what you’ll learn in this blog.

What is a Visitor Management System (VMS)?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) 2021, 5,190 workplace injuries were recorded in the United States because of intentional incidents by an intruder. Although, there were security cameras and alarm systems to detect who the culprit was, installing the VMS would have been an added advantage.

Therefore, a visitor management system is a process where an organisation can track the movement of visitors, employees, or anyone who steps into the company’s premises. The different organisation has policies on which information is needed from individuals visiting your business location.

Some organisations might need the name, fingerprints, status, etc., and another organisation might request legal documents or badges beside the ones listed above. It’s so good that companies are upgrading from paper and pen registration to a technology-based visitor management system.

The old way of visitor management was where the front desk employee would present a sheet of paper for customers to sign in when they arrived. A straight line is drawn where they write in their names and all information required by the company. This is not a sound visitor management system and should be eradicated.

Every organisation wants to grow with the trend. Every business wants to impress its customers, especially those visiting for the first time. You wouldn’t want to leave your visitors with an impression of not being the kind of company they want to associate with. Instead, you want them to leave a polished impression that they can work with you. This is where a Visitor Management System can serve you well.

The tracking system is not limited to customers alone but extends to a delivery person, a job applicant, a contractor, or a legal practitioner. The tracking system is used for anyone who is not recognised as an employee.

Also, having a system that ensures productivity allows your employees to focus on important tasks, thereby improving office productivity. Employees will no longer have to waste time on a function the system can handle; instead, it assures your organisation of higher productivity. You can see that this cannot be compared to the old-fashioned way of attending to visitors.

Why is a Visitor Management System Important?

Every business owner needs to look beyond the regular routine in their company and prepare for the worst incident that can ever happen. A little piece of information can help you solve the most challenging situations your company will encounter.

Here is why a visitor management system is vital for your business.

It ensures your employees are safe

When businesses began reopening the workplace after the lockdown, business owners realised that the traditional way of collating information was no longer effective, and the tracking system, VMS, became a viable alternative to prioritize safety and security of employees.

It gives visitors a stress-free experience

Think of the VMS as an opportunity to deliver a stress-free experience to your visitors. Unlike the old-fashioned way of collecting data, using the system will ensure you provide a streamlined way for your visitors to register their details.

In addition, see this as an opportunity to let your staff focus on another critical task. With the contactless feature on many Visitor Management Systems, visitors can register their details using the QR code on their smartphone.

It helps during emergencies

With the old way of pen and paper registration process, swinging into action when there are emergencies wouldn’t have been swift or even efficient. However, the VMS system will help in emergencies, such as the health and security of visitors and employees.

It stores visitors’ details

The system provides visitor information as soon as they are needed, especially knowing who has been on your company’s premises, when, and for what. Visitors’ details can easily be accessed from the cloud when needed.

It is cost-efficient

The visitor management system helps save costs, boosting the speed of registration and reducing visitor processing costs.

Features of Visitor Management System

Here are three key features of a visitor management system

User-friendly interface

Nobody has all the time in the world to figure out how to use the system and check their details. So, the system provides an easy and seamless registration process. Whether you’re accessing the portal from your mobile device or computer, the check-in process is straightforward and without any stress.

QR Code-based Sign-in

An efficient Visitor Management System software should have a QR-based sign-in. This feature allows guests to sign in and access the premises without touching a screen. The use of facial recognition makes the process more efficient and hygienic.

A Customisable Badge

The system provides you with a badge after you’ve provided vital information about your company. It’s also an opportunity to brand yourself with style, reflecting your brand’s identity through its logo, personalised messages, or whatever way you want to leave an indelible mark on your visitors.

Now, to the part we’ve been waiting for.

How Does a Visitor Management System Work?

A visitor management system is the key to modern access control. It ensures you’re safe, simplifies record keeping, and it’s eco-friendly. With it, you can say goodbye to paper logbooks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visitor arrives: When visitors arrive, they provide details such as their name, purpose of visit, and even a photo. These are digitally done, which makes the process quick and easy. You must streamline the sign-in process to create an excellent first impression for your visitors.
  2. Visitor is checked in: Having provided their details, the system further checks for identification, ensuring the recorded information matches the one on the ID. This is to show that the safety of employees and visitors is your top priority.
  3. Details are collected in the database: Once visitors’ information has been verified, the software prints a badge or a QR code to give them access. The badge will include details provided at the pre-registration stage. This helps to accurately identify visitors within your premises, ensuring no one who hasn’t been allowed access moves freely within the premises.
  4. Host employee is notified of the visitor’s arrival: The system automatically informs whoever the visitor has come to see that their guest has arrived. The employees are notified of their visitors’ arrival through emails or SMS. With this, the host isn’t surprised by their visitor.
  5. Visitor is checked out: When the visitor is done, they check out. More than following the entry process is needed for safety and record purposes. Checking a visitor out helps you track the time they spend in your facility and whether their purpose of the visit was achieved.

Every business needs to have this system functioning in their organisation, or else you would have to depend on the manual process of signing in papers.

From schools, hospitals, and offices to events, VMS is revolutionising how we control access. And that is why Hidden Brains has a solution for you.

As a business owner, you should care about the security of your guests and staff. Be concerned about how comfortable they feel within your premises.


Implementing a visitor management system in your company helps you streamline the pre-registration of visitors, ensuring security and giving your guests a positive experience. It is an essential component of any organisation.

Although technology will keep advancing and the visitor management system will keep evolving, industries should continue providing the best customer experience to their guests and staff regardless of future changes in how these systems work.

The system aims to give guests that first impression experience, which is comfort and a more secure environment. If you’ve not embraced the VMS for your business. Now is the time to do so.

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