Vehicle Tracking Solutions And How They Enhance Security

Vehicle Tracking Systems of Fleet Monitoring Software are one of the leading technologies in the logistics business. According to G2, 42% reported considerably fewer safety incidents since using fleet tracking software to monitor driver behaviour. In no simpler words, Vehicle Tracking Systems come with a myriad of advantages especially the safety of passengers and vehicles alike.

The reason for such impressive high statistics is not far-fetched. Vehicle Tracking Solutions has helped fleet owners to save costs while providing 100 percent security to lives, merchandise, and assets. With the assistance of centralised vehicle security software, one can monitor every car on one’s own without breaking a sweat.

While Vehicle Tracking Solutions have proven useful in numerous industries like the automobile and health sector, their security benefits are top-notch.

In this article, you will learn about how VTS systems help to protect lives and properties. And why more business owners are adopting the idea of using the latest Vehicle Technology Software.

How Vehicle Tracking Solutions Helps To Enhance Security.

Insurance Information Institute reports confirm that there has been more than a 10% increase in car theft cases within the last decade. This report covers that as each year passes, car thieves devise new strategies to breach people’s vehicles.

With this ongoing menace, what is the solution? The answer is to secure the best Vehicle tracking Solution to secure your valuable assets. How does it work? Using the right Vehicle Tracking Software system requires you to log in to your dashboard and get every report and first-hand information about your vehicle’s movements. Selecting the right software is like you are right beside the driver.

By using appropriate fleet security software, managers and private car owners alike can now rest, assured that their asset is well protected. Below are ways Vehicle Tracking Solutions ensure security for you and your business;

  • Provides Real-time Tracking

The presence of Vehicle Tracking Software’s real-time tracking feature makes it easy for you to monitor your fleet on/off the road from any location. With a single software, you can be on the road with your driver, virtually. You also get to check the vehicle’s covered distance and how long it would take to get to the desired destination. Not only that, but the live tracking features of Vehicle tracking Solutions also facilitate better security for your deliveries and properties. For instance, if you send your driver to pick up an item from client A and deliver it to client B. You don’t have to place a call to the conveyor every thirty (30) seconds to know his location. By using a VTS system, you can check the time the driver left client A’s place and how many minutes it would take before getting to client B.

The moment your driver deviates from the expected route, you get an instant beep.  VTS real-tracking features protect client A’s package and successful delivery to client B. while ensuring the security of the vehicle used for conveyance.

Also, it is possible to track multiple vehicles on the road simultaneously. This means you can real-time monitor your fleet without breaking a sweat. So if you have fifty (50) vehicles under your purview, whether they are on the road or not, you can monitor and get their exact location from a digital centre.

  • It Ensures Route Optimisation.

Route Optimisation refers to how your driver passes through the most efficient path to a destination. While different roads may lead to a place, route 0ptimisation ensures that the driver is using the safest and fastest one. For instance, let’s say you directed your employee (driver) to pick up supplies. With the use of a VTS system, your driver can check for the safest path to and from the intended journey without wasting any time. Also, VTS Route Optimisation features help you to save costs (fuel consumption).

How else does Route Optimisation ensure security?

Many a time, the safety of a driver is placed on the line when they take to the road. With the use of the right software (VTS system), drivers can easily manoeuvre their way and escape cases of armed robbery without a scratch. The driver does not need to know the terrain before you rescue himself from a difficult situation on the road. The automated system simply shows him the fastest and safest path he can pass without difficulty.

In another instance, route optimisation features help you stay ahead of traffic. How does it work? If you plan on going for an important meeting in the next thirty (30) minutes but the route you know has bad roads or heavy traffic, you can see all paths to your meeting venue with route optimization features on VTS. The feature shows you paths with lesser traffic that will let you arrive at the meeting as scheduled.

Note that the technology does not force a particular route on you. Your drivers have the right to make the final decision. The VTS system only recommends better routes to save time and fuel costs.

VTS Provides Periodic Vehicle Status Report

As a fleet owner, nothing beats having a single software that provides an up-to-date report on your vehicle’s diagnostics. This means you don’t have to manually check your fifty (50) cars or more for possible technical faults.

This feature helps to save time for the technicians during repair and also provides reports on other vehicle parts that might need future attention.

How does a periodic vehicle status report helps ensure security?

The truth is, if your vehicle is in the right condition, you don’t have to worry about any delayed road threat. It means your fleet won’t experience any unnecessary breakdowns. And if there are no unnecessary breakdowns, you can always avoid security threats like robbery. In summary, the presence of vehicle status report features enables you to identify, and offer proper vehicle diagnostics to ensure the safety of your drivers and the valuables they convey.

VTS Shows Vehicle Speed and Resting Times.

If you want your fleet to last long, you need to understand proper vehicle maintenance. When your automobile is in the right shape, it helps keep you safe during security emergencies. For instance, if you use an old model vehicle to travel a journey that takes fifteen (15) hours and it can cover this trip at a stretch, it is advisable to rest during the journey.

When the vehicle spends more than eight (8) hours on the road, some parts might experience overheating which can cause a vehicle delay. Since the terrain is unknown, you might feel unsafe while providing the required attention to the vehicle. However, the use of VTS helps to avoid unnecessary breakdowns on long trips.

How does it work?

Immediately you begin the trip, a VTS system indicates the distance you need to cover before getting to your destination and how long the journey will take. In the case of usage over time, a standard VTS system will indicate a need for an engine to cool down.

Unlike the manual approach where you use your initiative to decide when the vehicle requires its engines to cool down, VTS first considers the welfare of passengers and your vehicle. In summary, the advantage of vehicle distance covered speed that VTS provides helps to keep you safe during long journeys and ensure your vehicle is in a suitable condition.

VTS Works Effectively With Other Systems

The ability of VTS to successfully work with other technologies like satellite networks, internet networks, and others makes it one of the best systems in town. Other software might work in isolation but vehicle tracking systems work with every solution that ensures seamless fleet management operations as well as the overall increase in efficiency across the organisation.

When your drivers understand that they have everything they need to make their job easy, you can rest your mind that they will give their best to ensure successful deliveries are made.

While Vehicle Tracking Solutions provide all the above-mentioned advantages to ensure the security of your fleet and drivers, some individuals still find it challenging to identify an all-in-one VTS system.

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